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What is Full Stack?

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    Why React Js?

    React because:

    Frontend State Management With React:


    Full Stack Development with React and Java

    User Interface

    React is a very popular library which intends to build a very rich and scalable user interface. React is just like steroid to the JavaScript and it is very easy to learn if you have some knowledge of JavaScript. By use of React with typescript we can build an enterprise level app which is scalable and more error free coding.

    Representational state transfer (Rest) API

    Spring Boot is an open source Java-based framework used to create a Rest API. Spring Boot provides a good platform for Java developers to develop a stand-alone and production-grade spring application that you can just run. You can get started with minimum configurations without the need for an entire Spring configuration setup.

    Why Spring Boot?

    You can choose Spring Boot because of the features and benefits it offers as given here −

    Full Stack Development with React and Node

    React is a frontend library which helps in building a rich user interface.

    Nodejs uses a speed optimized V8 engine to address bulk requests that are handled through callback functions to ensure quality and quantity.

    Why React with Node js?

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