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Best place to learn. I have enrolled for Java Selenium.The trainer is well qualified, explains every concept with examples I’m happy with the training.Value for money.


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    Best Microsoft .NET Full Stack Developer Training in Bengaluru

    The Microsoft.NET Full Stack Developer training program’s objective is to take the .NET developers skillset to the next level – a Full stack developer.

    This program trains and motivates participants to put more focus on the client side (UI) technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript, CSS libraries and JS libraries. In addition to this, the developer also needs to know a considerable amount of SQL, build and deploy Web services and a repository / versioning tool like Github.

    This requirement comes as the need of the hour as more and more architects are attempting to do the processing in the client side itself

    rather than doing a server side post back / roundtrip. This increases the performance of the application.

    On the successful completion of this program, we at SDLC training will try to connect you to our partners (prospective employers) and schedule interviews. Post completion of the course, you can also be in touch with the concerning faculty and get your doubts cleared.

    Course Overview

    This program is for people who have already got an exposure / worked in a .NET framework and are comfortable using the C#.NET programming language. They will be extending their knowledge to .NET Core 3.1 which is the latest state of the art runtime. The Editor of choice will be Visual Studio Code (VS Code) which is a cross platform editor that can run in multiple OS – Windows, Mac, and Linux. Pre-requisite: A basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript also will be of help as the UI is going to be predominantly using these technologies.

    Who Should Attend?

    This is a full stack development course – so it will span on technologies starting from the UI layer to the Database (DB) Layer – which means that a Full stack developer is expected to be in the expert level in any two areas (example – server side and UI side) and is expected to know considerable amounts in other areas say – SQL. In the beginning itself, we will try to get the interest level of the candidate and will hone the skills accordingly so that they can
    students with laptop

    What Participants Will Learn?

    Participants will learn to
    1) Design and develop Responsive Web Pages using state of the art libraries like jQuery, Bootstrap etc.
    2) Use Javascript language and JSON formats extensively in their front end so that the Post backs and roundtrips are minimized.
    3) Making jQuery Ajax calls to services
    4) Parsing response JSON formats from server and display it in the UI components.

    Our Training Process:

    Microsoft.NET Full Stack

    A basic working level knowledge is sufficient for the below listings.

    1) Object oriented programming (oops) concepts
    2) .NET framework data types, control structs, data structs,
    3) Programming with C#
    4) SQL Server 2k* with T-SQL
    5) HTML-5, CSS-3, JavaScript

    Important: If you are not aware of the above listings, this will be our starting point and a bridge course – 1 week (10 hrs).

    An Introduction and a detailed discussion on the various components and frameworks that make a Full stack developer.

    3 User Interface (UI) / UX

    • Html Basics
    • Responsive web using HTML
    • Encoding in HTML
    • Forms and Canvas
    • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
    • Html Plugins
    • Geo Locations using HTML
    • Drag and Drop in HTML.
    • Html Web storage and workers
    • Html Server Sent Events (SSE)
    • Box model CSS
    • CSS Selectors
    • CSS- Max width, Position, Overflow, float
    • CSS Pagination
    • CSS 2d 3d transforms
    • CSS Media queries
    • Responsive design using CSS.

    • RWD using BS3
    • Grids basics
    • UI Components – Tables, Grids, Alerts, Buttons, Drop downs, Progress bars etc
    • BS Media objects
    • BS Filters
    • BS Grid system

    • JS Statements, Data types, Outputs, variables, Operators, Arithmetic.
    • JS Objects
    • JS Events
    • JS Control structures
    • JS Math
    • JS Dates
    • JS Regex
    • JS Errors
    • JS Hoisting
    • JS Strict Mode
    • JS this keyword
    • JSON
    • JS Functions
    • JS AJAX
    • JS Forms
    • Async JS

    • jQuery Selectors
    • jQuery Events
    • jQuery Callback
    • jQuery Chaining
    • jQuery Traversing
    • jQuery AJAX

    • Expressions
    • Modules
    • Directives
    • Model
    • Binding
    • Controllers
    • Filters
    • Events
    • Routing
    • Forms
    • Example

    1) The Visual Studio Code IDE – Functionalities and Debugging features.
    2) Installing the .NET core 3.1 and using it through command line.
    3) The core CLI (Command Line Interface) – The dotnet new command to scaffold application types, class libraries, services, individual page types, unit tests etc.
    4) Important files – Program.cs, Startup.cs, launchsettings.cs etc.
    5) core MVC apps vs core Razor pages app.
    6) A small app developed in MVC that can do CURD operation.
    7) A small app developed in Razor Pages that can do CURD operation.

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