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Best Oracle PL SQL Training in Bangalore


Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Training program at SDLC Training is designed to give participants the skills & knowledge to gain a competitive advantage in starting / enhancing a career in Oracle SQL and PL/SQL industry. Participants receive up-to-date training in multiple areas in Oracle SQL and PL/SQL and a thorough understanding of real-world projects.

This module covers basics as well as advanced topics of the SQL statement like Retrieval; Functions (single row function and group functions); joins; subqueries; set operators; Insertion into the tables; Updating database objects; Deletion of data from object as well as objects; Creating, dropping, truncating and altering the database objects; and data Dictionary of the database.

We at SDLC Training give utmost importance to our students and recruit only experienced trainers with a minimum of 5-10 Years of hands on expertise on Oracle PL/SQL skills and knowledge. Our Oracle PL/SQL Certified Trainers have in-depth subject knowledge, project implementation experience and proficient teaching skills thus can reshape the students to excel in this competitive IT Industry. We have a good repute among other Oracle PL/SQL Training Institutes in Bangalore.

Our Training Process

Who should join this Course

People who want to make a career in the Database Management Systems or just want to upgrade your skills by learning Oracle SQL/PLSQL should definitely join this course. Either you are a student or an IT professional or someone who is looking for a job, Our best Oracle SQL/PLSQL Training in Bangalore will not just fit in your budget but will also convert you into a professional database expert


  • Introduction

    • Introduction to DBMS
    • Introduction to Data Management
    • File system concepts
    • Database Models
    • Hierarchal Model
    • Network Model
    • Relational Model
  • Introduction to Oracle
    • History of Oracle
    • Oracle products and features
    • Oracle versions and releases
    • About SQL & SQL*PLUS
    • SQL*NET
  • Introduction to SQL
    • Sub-language Commands
    • Data Retrieval Language (DRL)
    • Data Definition Language (DDL)
    • Data Manipulation Language (DML)
    • Transaction Control Language (TCL)
    • Database security and Privileges
  • Working with DRL
    • Select statement
    • Distinct Selection
    • ‘Where’ Clause
    • ‘Order by’ Clauses
  • Working with DDL and DML
    • DDL commands
    • Database objects and object types
    • Working with Tables
    • Data Types
    • Table partitions Create, Alter,
    • Add, Modify, Drop Insert, Update,
    • Delete
    • Commit, Rollback
  • Oracle Built-in Functions
    • Arithmetic Functions Character
    • Functions Date Functions Queries
    • with Single Row Functions
    • Misc Functions
    • Working with Regular Expressions
  • Constraints
    • Data Integrity Concepts
    • Different types of Constraints
    • Table Level and Column Level
    • Composite Constraints
    • Check Constraint and
    • Restrictions Referential Integrity
  • Sub Queries
    • Normal Sub Queries.
    • Co-related Sub Queries.
    • Updating Using Co-Related.
    • Deleting Co-Related
    • Using Exists and Not Exists
    • Inline Queries
    • Miscellaneous Sub-queries.
  • Joins
    • Joining Tables
    • Simple Joins
    • Outer Joins
    • Self Joins
    • Joins with Inline Queries
    • ANSI Join Syntax
  • Select Statement with Misc Options
    • Set Operators
    • Pseudo Columns
  • Views, Synonyms & Indexes
    • Simple & Complex Views
    • Modifying the View Query
    • Synonyms
    • Indexes
    • Sequences


  • Introduction to PL/SQL
    • Role of PL/SQL in Applications
    • Programming Fundamentals
    • Restriction of SQL in PL/SQL
    • PL/SQL Engine
    • Working with PL/SQL
    • Blocks Conditional Structure
  • Anonymous Blocks
    • Declare
    • Begin
    • End
    • Conditional Structure
    • Loop Structure
  • Exception Handling
    • System Defined Exceptions
    • User Defined Exceptions
    • Defining Own Error Messages
    • Program Exception Int
  • Cursors
    • Introduction to
    • Types of Cursors
    • For Cursor
    • Cursor Attributes
    • Working with Implicit
    • Cursors
    • Dynamic Cursors
  • Stored Subprograms
    • Introduction of Stored
    • Subprograms Working with
    • Stored Procedures Overloading of
    • Subprogram Limitations of
    • Functions Understanding of
    • Packages Type Spec & Body
    • Package Instantiation
    • Calling Packages &
    • Procedures & Functions
  • Database Triggers
    • Introduction to Triggers
    • Statement Level
    • Triggers Row Level
    • Triggers When Clause
    • Co-relations Trigger
    • Predicates
    • Instead of Triggers Compound
    • Triggers Mutation of Triggers
  • Advanced Features
    • Autonomous Transactions
    • Dynamic SQL

We are committed to provide high quality ORACLE  SQL and PL/SQL Training in Bangalore that helps the students and professionals in areas of ORACLE  SQL and PL/SQL through its innovative programs and outstanding faculty.

Post Successful completion of ORACLE  SQL and PL/SQL Training Program leads to placement assistance and participation in campus placements by SDLC Training.

Demo Class : Free Demo Session, Flexible Timings Free Class : Attend 3 Free Classes to check training Quality
Regular : 2 Hours per day Fast Track : 2 – 3 Hours per day: 10 days
Weekdays : Available Weekend : Available
Online Training : Available Class Room Training : Available
Course Fee : Talk to our Customer Support Duration : 45 Hours

How will I do the Lab Practice?

We have the technically updated lab to give you the best hands-on project experience.

Who are the instructors?

Our instructors were the best industry and domain knowledge professionals with 5+ years of experience in Oracle SQL & PLSQL training in Bangalore.

What if I miss a class?

We will provide you the backup classes if you miss any session. You can continue the missed classes from next batch.

How can I request for a demo class?

You can either walk-in to our SDLC training institute in Marathahalli, or you can send the query to us from the website then we can arrange the Oracle SQL & PLSQL training demo session for you.

What are the payment options?

You can pay directory or you can transfer the money online. We also accept cards.

Will I get the required software from institute?

Definitely you can get or access the software from our server or we can provide the required software to you depending on the course.

Is there any offer or discount I can avail?

Yes, you can find the best offers and discounts which are vary time to time you can check with us.

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