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SDLC Training institute based in Marathahalli, Bengaluru offers the best Python course training, read the entire article to further understand the importance of the subject and why you should get trained from us to sky rocket your career to next level.


We have also provided valuable content about Python to any one searching about it online to know what it is all about and we hope you receive something of value from our blog post, read on.


Why Python Full Stack Developer Training?


Full stack developer is a term that has been on the rise increasingly. These web developers are always in demand. Python full stack developers are a subset of this full stack web developer. They are named so as they specialise working with this one language Python.


Best Python Training in Bangalore

best python training in bangalore






Python Training in Bangalore at SDLC training bestows you with the best learning experience of the Python Programming language from its fundamentals to the advanced level concepts.

By the end of the Python Course in Bangalore at SDLC training, you will obtain a holistic understanding of the essential concepts of the Python programming language

namely Lambada, Generators, Web Scrapping Libraries, File Handling & Exceptional Handling proficiently with hands-on training practices under the mentorship of Programming Experts.


Python Training and Placement


SDLC training is the Legend in offering placement to the students. Please visit our Placed Students List on our website.

More than 2000+ students placed in just past few years.

We have a dedicated placement portal which caters to the needs of the students during placements.

SDLC training institute conducts development sessions including mock interviews, presentation skills to prepare students to face a challenging interview situation with ease.

93% percentage placement record

1000+ interviews organized


Various Python Projects

  • Music Player in Python

  • Tetris Game

  • Python Sudoku Game

  • Instagram Photo Downloader Project

  • Web Crawler in Python

  • Plagiarism Checker in Python

  • Contact Book

  • Desktop Notifier App

  • YouTube video downloader

  • Python Website Blocke

Python Logo

python logo











Here we have put up the infamous logo of Python in it’s transparent form, we hope you find it useful in your projects.


Python Job Oriented Companies

Here we have mentioned top 10 companies hiring for Python developers, and the names are clickable and we hope you find it valuable.


Python Tutorial For Beginners

python tutorial for beginners

Get the best Python tutorial for beginners both online and offline with lifetime support from SDLC training institute based in Bengaluru.


Top 30+ Python Interview Questions

python interview questions




For Fresher’s

  • If you are ever stuck in an infinite loop, how will you break out of it?

  • How do we execute Python?

  • Explain Python’s parameter-passing mechanism.

  • What is the WITH statement in Python?

  • How is a .pyc file different from a .py file?

  • What makes Python object-oriented?

  • How many types of objects does Python support?

  • How would you convert a string into an int in Python?

  • How do you take input in Python?

  • How do you get all values from a Python dictionary?

  • What if you want to toggle case for a Python string?

  • What is the purpose of bytes() in Python?

  • What is a control flow statement?

  • Why do we need break and continue in Python?

  • What is Python good for?

  • Can you name ten built-in functions in Python and explain each in brief?

  • What is a dictionary in Python?

  • What do you know about relational operators in Python.

  • What are assignment operators in Python?

  • Explain logical operators in Python

For Intermediates

  • What is the PYTHONPATH variable?

  • Explain a few methods to implement Functionally Oriented Programming in Python.

  • So does recursion cause any trouble?

  • What good is recursion?

  • What is the enumerate() function in Python?

  • How will you create the following pattern using Python?

  • Does Python have a switch-case statement?

  • How do you debug a program in Python? Answer in brief.

  • Can I dynamically load a module in Python?

  • What are the file-related modules we have in Python?

  • Explain inheritance in Python.

  • Explain memory management in Python.

  • How would you make a Python script executable on Unix?

  • What functions or methods will you use to delete a file in Python?

For Experts

  • What kinds of classifiers did you use for your projects?

  • Why did you choose OpenCV for your project on gender and age detection? What helped you make the decision?

  • What ratio did you choose to divide your dataset into training and testing sets?

  • Why did you use config.py for this project on breast cancer classification?

  • How was your experience with the XGBClassifier?

  • What challenges did you face in your best Python projects?

  • What do you know about palindromes? Can you implement one in Python?

  • What do you mean by *args and **kwargs?

  • What is a closure in Python?

  • What is the iterator protocol?

Python Developer Jobs

python developer jobs in bangalore sdlc



There are over 1,45,300 Python Developer jobs available in india, and 33,300 Python jobs in Bangalore itself, as of 2021 IT market.

If you get trained from SDLC training institute, we guarantee you 100% job placement.


Python Full Stack Developer Course Content


1.1 Learning Programming

The Python Language

Why Use Python?

Python 2 or 3?

Enterprise Python

1.2 Python Community

Companies Using Python

Best Python Resources

Must-watch Python Videos


Development Environments

2.1 Text Editors and IDEs

Vim, Emacs

Sublime Text, PyCharm, Jupyter Notebook

2.2 Shells

Bourne-again shell (Bash)

Zsh, PowerShell

2.3 Terminal multiplexers

tmux, Screen

2.4 Environment configuration

Application dependencies

virtual environments (virtualenvs)

Localhost tunnels

2.5 Source Control

Git, Mercurial


3.1 Relational databases

PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite

3.2 Object-relational mappers

SQLAlchemy, Peewee

Django ORM, Pony ORM

3.3 NoSQL

Redis, MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, Neo4j

3.4 Data analysis

pandas, SciPy & Numpy

3.5 Data visualization

Bokeh, d3.js, Matplotlib

3.6 Markup Languages

Markdown, reStructuredText

Web Development

4.1 Web Frameworks

Django, Flask, Bottle, Pyramid

TurboGears, Falcon, Morepath, Sanic

Other web frameworks

4.2 Template Engines

Jinja2, Mako, Django Templates

4.3 Web design


Responsive Design, Minification

4.4 CSS Frameworks

Bootstrap, Foundation

4.5 JavaScript

React, Vue.js, Angular

4.6 Task queues

Celery, Redis Queue (RQ)


4.7 Static site generators

Pelican, Lektor, MkDocs

4.8 Testing

Unit testing, Integration testing

Debugging, Code Metrics

4.9 Networking

HTTPS, WebSockets, WebRTC

4.10 Web APIs

Microservices, Webhooks, Bots

4.11 API creation

API Frameworks, Django REST Framework

4.12 API integration

Twilio, Stripe, Slack, Okta

4.13 Web application security

SQL injection

Cross-Site Request Forgery



Web App Deployment

5.1 Hosting


Static content

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

5.2 Virtual Private Servers (VPSs)

Linode, DigitalOcean


5.3 Platform-as-a-Service

Heroku, PythonAnywhere

AWS CodeStar

5.4 Operating systems

Ubuntu Linux, macOS

FreeBSD, Windows

5.5 Web servers

Apache HTTP Server

Nginx, Caddy

5.6 WSGI servers

Green Unicorn, uWSGI


5.7 Continuous integration

Jenkins, GoCD

5.8 Configuration management

Ansible, Salt

5.9 Containers

Docker, Kubernetes

5.10 Serverless Architectures

AWS Lambda, Azure Functions

Google Cloud Functions



6.1 Monitoring

Datadog, Prometheus

Rollbar, Sentry

6.2 Web App Performance

Logging, Caching

Web Analytic


Change log, About the author

What “full stack” means

Page Statuses, Future directions


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