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Best SAP SuccessFactors Course Training Online


SuccessFactors is basically human resources information (HRIS) system and a cloud version of SAP HCM (On-Prem). In 2009, September, SuccessFactors has introduced a new concept, called, the BizX Suite. According to SuccessFactors, the BixX Suite promotes cross-organization standardization of strategy by using a set of goal-creation, capturing and developing and learning tools; then, it optimizes employee performance with talent management solutions; and finally, it accelerates business function with insight tools. The suite, which uses the software as a service (SaaS) business model and targets small and medium-sized businesses and enterprise-class.

Prerequisite for SAP SuccessFactor

  1. There is no prerequisite to learn SuccessFactors, anyone can learn it.
  2. No prior working experience is mandatory but it can be added advantage.

Objectives SAP SuccessFactors training

The objective of this course in SDLC, is to help the participants to understand the basic of the SAP SuccessFactors as well as the advanced functionality of SuccessFactors with the help of 15 years industry expert faculty, excellent course material, course content and industry based live scenarios. The perfect package to grab a good career in IT industry.

Why SAP SUCCESS FACTORS / Why training in SDLC

Considering the today’s market, sales of cloud-based applications are growing five times faster than those of traditional applications. Earlier SuccessFactors was only in Core Talent Management applications like Performance and Goals, Succession and Development etc. But over the years it has stepped into the other various areas of Human Resource system like Analytics, Core HR etc. as customers want an integrated platform that allows them to use the fewest possible vendors. This is the best HR software available in market presently.

  1. Industry Experienced Trainer
  2. Training based on Real Life Scenarios
  3. Course based on Certification Structure
  4. Providing help to clear Certification
  5. Free System Access
  6. Recorded Class Video


Our Training Process

Future of the SAP SuccessFactor

SuccessFactors is The Future of Business Software. As per the announce of SAP in their Global call, SuccessFactors is going to be the market lead cloud-based solution in Human Resource. Today, with more than 4,530 customers and 35 million subscription seats, SuccessFactors serves organizations of all sizes across more than 60 industries in almost 177 countries using BizX Suite in more than 40 languages. It is expected to increase all these numbers in very near future.

Key benefits of SAP SuccessFactor

  1. Understand basics and advance configurations of SAP SuccessFactors solutions as a whole
  2. Explore the integration capability of SuccessFactors across the modules
  3. Attain the ability to configure the system for Recruiting, Onboarding and Employee Central as per client requirement
  4. Gain complete end to end knowledge to implement SuccessFactors modules

Overview of SAP SuccessFactor – sub modules

SAP’s SuccessFactors HCM suite includes core HR modules such as payroll, time off and employee record keeping. Apart from that talent management modules such as employee performance management, compensation management, succession management, learning, recruiting, onboarding, workforce planning, and workforce analytics are also there and employee engagement tools such as collaboration and social media.

Employee Central:

The main module in SuccessFactors is called Employee Central which is also called as system of record keeping. Employee Central also includes sub modules like Time-Off and Payroll.

Apart from Employee Central the other main modules are as below:

Recruiting: SuccessFactors recruiting execution is the only comprehensive recruiting management and marketing solution that helps to attract top talents, select and hire the best-fit candidates, and then measure the business results.

Onboarding: SuccessFactors onboarding helps consistently and efficiently convert new hires into engaged, empowered, productive employees. Onboarding is a key starting point to fully integrated talent management and sets the stage for employee success.

Learning: SuccessFactors Learning (LMS) combines formal, social and extended learning with unmatched content management, reporting, analytics and mobile abilities. The result is learning that transforms organizations to increases corporate capabilities.

Performance and Goals: SuccessFactors Performance and Goals equips with the in-depth employee performance information. Its innovative capabilities and intuitive user experience ensure aligned, clear goals and accurate objective talent assessment.

Compensation: With SuccessFactors compensation, one can allocate funds effectively. Organizations tie compensation plans directly to performance management so that compensation, incentives, and benefits aligned with business goals and business executions.

Workforce Analytics: Workforce Analytics improves decision making by helping companies find answers to key questions about workforce challenges and provides guidance to help solve them. Answers that can help drive successful workforce initiatives.


SDLC provides support to understand the certification pattern and procedure. Also, provide guidance to understand the certification content. Certification helps to prove your knowledge to the companies.


Sections Modules 1 : Mastery – Introduction (6 Hours)  
Sec 1 Systems  
  L1 : Getting started with SF  
  L2 : Configuraing SAP SF, Instance and Provisioning Overview  
  L3 : Navigating and Accessing Tools and support in SAP SF  
  L4: Administartive Basic  
Sec 2 Permissions  
  L1: Managing Security using Role-Based Permission (RBP)  
  L2: Managing Proxies  
Sec 3 Basic Configurations  
  L1: Customizing the SAP SuccessFactors Instance  
  L2: Managing Company Settings  
  L3: Managing Mobile Settings  
  L4: Managing User Data  
  L5: Email Notifications  
Sec 4 Employee Profile  
  L1: Using XML in SAP Successfactors  
  L2: Configuring People Profile  
  L3: Managing Picklists  
Sec 5 Integration Center & Language Pack  
  L1: Introduce and Describe Integration center  
  L2: Create Integration  
  L3: Instance Sync  
  L4: Managing Language Packs  
  Module 2 : Employee Central Core HR (14 Hours)  
Sec 1 Employee Central Overview  
  L1: Describing the EC Value Add of an Integrated and Strategic HRIS  
  L2: Understanding EC Fundamental Data Structure  
  L3: Setting up the EC Environment  
  L4: Turning on the People Profile  
Sec 2 Employee Central Security – Role Based Permissions  
  L1: Managing User Access  
  L2: Managing Security Using Role-Based Permission (RBP)  
  L3: Implementing Data Changes and Reviewing Audit Trails  
Sec 3 Employee Central Corparate Data and Foundation Tables  
  L1: Storing Corporate Data  
  L2: Customizing and Populating a Foundation Object (FO)  
  L3: Configuring the Country Specific Field (CSF) Corporate Data Model  
  L4: Managing Associations in the Corporate Data Model  
  L5: Translating Foundation Object Data  
Sec 4 Employee Central Employee Data  
  L1: Storing Employee Data  
  L2: Importing Users and Data and Implementing Mass Changes  
  L3: Configuring the Succession Data Model  
  L4: Configuring the Succession Data Model with Manage Business Configuration  
  L5: Configuring the CSF Succession Data Model  
Sec 5 Employee Central Self Service and Workflows  
  L1: Managing RBP for Self Service Access  
  L2: Customizing Self Service Transactions Using Workflows  
  L3: Event Reason Derivation  
Sec 6 Employee Central Integration  
  L1: Describing Integration Types and Systems  
  L2: Creating Internal Integration using HRIS Sync  
  L3: Integrating Employee Central to External System  
Sec 7 Employee Central Object and Rule Management, Propagations  
  L1: Building Meta Data Framework (MDF) Objects for Employee Central (EC)  
  L2: Customizing an MDF Object Using Configurable UI  
  L3: Creating a Configurable Rule Using the Rules Engine  
Sec 8 Employee Central Position Management Time Off Configuration  
  L1: Setting up Position Management  
  L2: Describing Time Off  
  L3: Enabling Time Off  
  L4: Setting up a Holiday Calendar and Work Schedule  
  L5: Setting up Time Types and Time Profiles  
  L6: Setting up Time Off for Employees  
  Module 3 : Recruiting Management (RCM) (10 Hours)  
Sec 1 Introduction to SAP SF Recruiting  
  L1: Introducing SAP Successfactors Recruiting  
  L2: Preparing an instance for Recruiting Configurations  
  L3: Introducing Recruiting Operators  
Sec 2 Job Requisition  
  L1: Enabling the Job Requisition Data Model (JRDM) and Assigning Permissions  
  L2: Creating Job Requisitions  
  L3: Configuring Job Requisition Templates  
  L4: Configuring Job Requisition Field Permissions  
Sec 3 Canddidate Profile and Application  
  L1: Describing the Candidate profile Template (CPT)  
  L2: Configuring CPT Background Elements  
  L3: Synchronizing Background Elements  
  L4: Creating the External Career Portal  
Sec 4 Candidate Management  
  L1: Adding Pre-Screening Questions  
  L2: Adding Competencies  
  L3: Configuring Interviews and Related Features  
  L4: Configuring the Offer Detail Template  
Sec 5 Correspondence and Agencies  
Sec 6 Team Recruiting Configuration  
  Module 4: Onboarding (ONB) (6 Hours)  
Sec 1 Introduction to SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 2.0  
  L1: Introduction to Onboarding 2.0  
  L2: Onboarding 2.0 Process Overview  
Sec 2 Configuration and Enablement of SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 2.0  
  L1: Prerequisites for Onboarding 2.0  
  L2: Enabling the SAP SF Onboarding 2.0  
  L3: Configure the Day 1 Conversion Job  
  L4: Generations of Print Forms in Onboarding 2.0  
Sec 3 Role-Based Permissions and Onboarding 2.0  
  L1: Onboarding 2.0 RBP for Administration  
  L2: Onboarding 2.0 RBP for Onboarding Tasks  
  L3: Onboarding 2.0 RBP for Data Reviewers  
  L4: RBP for New Hires as External Users  
Sec 4 The Data Model for SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 2.0  
  L1: Data Models in Onboarding 2.0  
  L2: Types of Objects  
  L3: Succession Data Models (for Employee Central)  
  L4: Synchronize SDM with MDF  
Sec 5 The Onboarding 2.0 Process  
  L1: Creating Onboarding Programs  
  L2: Configuring Home Page and Defining Rehire Process  
  L3: Setting up Internal Hire Process (Crossboarding)  
Sec 6 Document Template Management and e-Signatures, Notifications  
  L1: Onboarding Document Template Management  
  L2: SAP SuccesFactors eSingature & DocuSign  
  L3: Notificationsin Onboarding 2.0  
Sec 7 SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 2.0 and Recruiting Integration  
  L1: Integration of Recruting System with Onboarding 2.0  
  L2: Prepare the application to initiate Onboarding Process  
  L3: Map Data  
Sec 8 Offboarding 2.0 and Termination of Employees  
  L1: Defining the Offboarding Process  
  L2: Enabling Offboarding and Defining RBP  
  L3: Defining Business Rule for Onboarding 2.0 Process  
  Module 5 : SAP SF Reporting (2 Hours)  
Sec 1 Reporting Tools Overview  
  L1: Self Service Reporting Tools  
  L2: Custom Reporting Tools  
Sec 2 Enabling Report Center and Assigning Permissions  
  L1: Report Center  
  L2: Assigning Administrative Privileges to Manage the Report Center  
Sec 3 Using Report Center  
  L1: Using Report Center  


Course Duration: 90hrs (2 to 3Month) & Understanding of Students

Attend Free Classes to Check Training Quality

100% Real Time Practical Training with Placement Assistance

Every Class Recorded Videos Free & SuccessFactors Software Access Free For Class

Real-time Project Training & Negotiable Fees Discuss with Counselors (EMI)

(Trained by 17+ years experienced working professionals Trainer)

20Years Experience in MNC Team  Available

Placement Focus Training Center with Real-time Trainer From MNC

Mock Interviews ,Resume  preparations ,Support for Placement Until Get the  job

How will I do the Lab Practice?

We have the technically updated lab to give you the best hands-on project experience.

Who are the instructors?

Our instructors were the best industry and domain knowledge professionals with 5+ years of experience in .Net training in Bangalore.

What if I miss a class?

We will provide you the backup classes if you miss any session. You can continue the missed classes from next batch.

How can I request for a demo class?

You can either walk-in to our SDLC training institute in Marathahalli, or you can send the query to us from the website then we can arrange the .Net training demo session for you.

What are the payment options?

You can pay directory or you can transfer the money online. We also accept cards.

Will I get the required software from institute?

Definitely you can get or access the software from our server or we can provide the required software to you depending on the course.

Is there any offer or discount I can avail?

Yes, you can find the best offers and discounts which are vary time to time you can check with us.

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    Giridhar dushi
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    Good Faculty

    I joined Successfactor course here . The faculty is very good and supporting and Knowledgeable. They provided recorded session for every class that is also very useful.

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