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Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Training program at SDLC Training is designed to give participants the skills & knowledge to gain a competitive advantage in starting/enhancing a career in Oracle SQL and PL/SQL industry. Participants receive up-to-date training in multiple areas in Oracle SQL and PL/SQL and a thorough understanding of real-world projects.

This module covers basics as well as advanced topics of the SQL statement like Retrieval; Functions (single row function and group functions); joins; subqueries; set operators; Insertion into the tables; Updating database objects; Deletion of data from the object as well as objects; Creating, dropping, truncating and altering the database objects; and data Dictionary of the database.

We at SDLC Training give utmost importance to our students and recruit only experienced trainers with a minimum of 5-10 Years of hands-on expertise on Oracle PL/SQL skills and knowledge. Our Oracle PL/SQL Certified Trainers have the in-depth subject knowledge, project implementation experience and proficient teaching skills thus can reshape the students to excel in this competitive IT Industry. We have a good repute among other Oracle PL/SQL Training Institutes in Bangalore.

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